Steps of the execution of make-up class

Steps of the execution of make-up class:

  1. The lecturer and the student agree on a time and place to hold the make-up class.
  2. The student or the lecturer submits the Make-up class Form at BOP.
  3. BOP confirms the availability of the requested classroom or recommends another suitable classroom for the make-up class.
  4. The lecturer executes the class at the registered time and place.

Requirements of a make-up class registration

  1. Agreements between the lecturer and all students who missed the class regarding the time and place of the make-up class (if a student’s attendance ratio is below 50% she has failed the course and may not attend a make-up class).
  2. Only one make-up class is permitted per day per course (any more than that requires the permission of the head of BOP